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Ashleigh Dechant and Angela discussing the course


"Angela helped me achieve a dream of mine that I have had since I was a little girl. If it weren't for her, I probably would still be dreaming about attending my first competition. It has been a year since I brought Cat to her unsure that she would be the right horse for me, but Angela saw this mare's potential even when I was ready to send her back. Angela encouraged me to bring Cat along in her training and through lessons and putting in the time doing the flat work and gymnastics. She assured me that I would really feel a great sense of accomplishment when Cat progressed knowing that I was the one in the saddle teaching her. Under Angela's watchful eye from the ground with me in the saddle, Cat has become a real winner. She wins in the show ring as well as has won the hearts of my husband and me."




Angela is what I call a true horse professional - she is a rider who is continually training and competing as well as a trainer who's continually learning - extremely committed while placing what she learns into practice. She not only has the knowledge, skill and regard for the horse and rider but she has patience, ethics, open communication and holds the importance of safety for each horse and rider to ensure proper growth while maintaining high standards, integrity and genuine care for the well-being of each animal, the rider, the sport and the industry. I have found Angela an absolute asset to my riding; she has continued to build my confidence as well as my horse's confidence, while working through issues. Her willing attitude, knowledge and ability continue to amaze me - she's truly an ultimate horse professional!

Jeniffer Boyd and Turbo


"Angela Jackson is the consummate professional who sincerely cares about the welfare of the horses and her students. I have been training with Angela for three years. I am an eventer and she has tailored a program for the unique needs of my horse and my riding. She is not a "one size fits all" kind of trainer. If you are committed to progressing in your riding and willing to do your homework, you could have no better ally than Angela."



 "I took my horse Rogan to Angela over 3 years ago. My "problem child" and I had issues that I needed serious help with. Angela took us on and started over with correct basics on the flat and over fences. A thorough professional, Angela's passion, knowledge and experience have given me the tools and confidence I need to truly enjoy my horse and progress with my riding."



Pearl and I have been privileged to ride for Angela over the past 5 years. Over these years I have grown to respect and admire Angela's patient and systematic approach to solving every problem we've come across. Angela has a unique ability to successfully train many horses, and I am glad to say that even the hottest horse will find calm and relaxation under her coaching. Angela has amazing talent, mastering both disciplines, dressage and jumping, at an international level. On top of that she does an exceptional job communicating her knowledge to students of all levels. I have ridden for many trainers over the years, and none come close to matching Angela's caliber.

Jessica Saxon and Pearl





Angela has been a  guiding  light for me since I first met her 9 years ago. Her professionalism, poise and pride in her work are conveyed to her students in her teaching. I, as all of her students I'm sure, feel a real sense of accomplishment after each lesson even if the ride was not the greatest. Centered on the fundamentals, she always makes everything seem so evident. I always walk away with work to do before the next lesson, which in turn helps me focus on everything in my life. In a way, Angela is somewhat of a life-coach, not just a riding coach!! This is the essence of what an instructor and trainer should be to the serious horsemen. As an instructor myself, I feel honored to pay tribute to Angela for being an inspiration and a mentor.

Stacy Denton





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