Dec.2008 I finally got to go jumping and just got back from the Show in Lake St. Louis. They will have 2 shows every month thru the winter and since I do not have the funds to go to Florida I will try to go to all of them this winter. The indoor is very nice and the stabling is good. Rolex was super again. I can not say enough how he just lights up my day. He always comes out with a great attitude and tries hard.


Wilhelm Genn was there and he was gracious to help me walk the course and on the warm up as well as discussing the ride after. He was of great help since I just do not put enough jumps in every week.


Rolex does not like touching the rails and he did not have one all week. (Well except for the one I messed up so bad that even he could not save my you now what)

He was very comfortable in the 4’3” class placing 5th after the jump off and that was a tough class.

It is so much fun and he seems to have a good time as well. He is focused and careful.

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